Tamara Campain

Tamara Campain

Hi, My name is Tamara Campain and I am a young eventing rider based on the Mornington Peninsula in Tamara CampainVictoria.

I currently have a large team of beautiful horses that I am very lucky to ride full time along with teaching my wonderful students. My horses range from the more experienced who compete at 1* level all the way through to a 3 year old who will make his competition debut this year. I pride myself on bringing along happy young horses from the start of their careers all the way to FEI level.

My goals for the future are to continue to produce successful event horses through the levels, help my students achieve their equestrian dreams and represent my country at the highest level possible. An Olympic gold medal hanging around my neck would be the icing on the cake.

Some of the highlights of my career so far include:

I am also very fortunate to be supported by a wonderful team of sponsors whose contribution to my goals I am most grateful for. I am Very honoured to be part of the Jin Stirrup team and looking forward to showing you all their beautiful products in the future!