In considering becoming the Official Australian Distributor for Jin Stirrup I pondered a lot of things.

  • Do I love this product and its look and design?
  • Is this Products quality and engineering something I can represent?
  • Is this product individual in Australia?
  • Is this Equestrian gear suitable for us – Australians?

I answered “YES’ to all these questions when we… (my husband Calvin and myself met and spoke with the ‘Wildkart’ makers)….

Then having used the products myself I realised just how impressive they were/are.
Having ridden myself in the stirrups for approximately 9 months now (I use the Kinkos and the Jin Stirrups) I can never go back…never!

The foot grip and stability these Stirrups give me is definitely ‘brag worthy’!

I ride in the Icona Black Helmet and it receives compliments wherever I go! Not to mention I can wash the insert so my admirer’s are then not repulsed when I remove my helmet after a good ride! Very important! No smelly hat head!

With many of my friends being higher level Dressage riders we put the ‘Kinko’s to the test and anything was possible! Tempe changes…not a problem!

I received a resounding thumbs up so the next test was with my daughter Ella (a young ‘up and coming’ Eventer)… having decked her out in Jin Stirrup from head to toe (Tough break for a 15 year old girl) she was sent out to compete… A Grade 1PCAV and EA Rider training 1* and competing EA 105 the gear was now being put to the test. If the helmet is well fitted I know it doesn’t move when you land a jump, if its water you’re jumping through your grip will not slip and shift as it gets wet and as far as stability and integrity Jin Stirrup ticks every box!

And I can tell you the gear gets photographed all the time when its out because it stands out, it looks good and that’s a difference we all want.

I know If you’re riding a young horse and need that extra grip and stability it’s the stirrups you can rely on and we have riders including myself that can attest to this. In fact only this month (March) at DSJWTS, I was approached by a lovely lady who had traveled from Perth to not only view the horses and competitions on offer but to specifically visit the Jin Stirrup trade stand and re-stock her Stirrup collection as her breakers will ride in nothing else!

Now that’s a wonderful compliment.


You ask…Why am I telling you all of this?

Because for me to stand behind a product it has to be good, and look fabulous!
I can afford to be fussy…I am a middle aged woman who has ridden for 36+ years, whether its a horse off the track, Dressage mounts, or trail riding with my friends or daughters I know what I like and whats good and what works.

Having trained and coached as an EA NCAS Coach for many years I ran my own riding school for 10 years. I have been heavily involved with PCAV, siting in on Zone Meetings and President for my Club for 3 years after sitting on the committee for 7 years prior to that. I am an active member or HRCAV and EA and compete when-ever time permits…or my daughters commitments permit!?

I ride 1-2 horses up to 4 days a week so I know whats its like to spend time in the saddle. I have had some very serious falls landing me in intensive care so I know what it is to rely on your gear.

Having broken many ribs, my wrist, my sternum, dislocated knuckles/fingers and having had a full knee reconstruction it’s fair to say I need to reduce the risk factors before I even consider getting on, and if that means using gear I know I can trust to help my out of a situation or give me that extra balance (lets face it…I don’t bounce when I land) then I’m getting all the help I can get.

I love horses, riding and good gear. I appreciate ‘Style’ and I expect ‘Quality’ not only for myself, My daughter, for our sponsored riders but also for you – the customer.

I’m proud to be representing such a beautiful product and look forward to sharing it with you! Enjoy.

Genevie Pusterla
Jin Stirrup Official Australian Distributor.

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