Ella Pusterla

HI all,

My name is Ella Pusterla and I am lucky enough to be sponsored and supported by Jin Stirrup.Ella Pusterla, JIN Stirrup, Jin Stirrup Australia

I began riding on our school ponies pretty much before I could walk and hounded my mum for a pony of my own.

From the day I received my first pony, riding has been my every passion and it continues to grow.

I have always had goals and aspirations in horse riding and feel like I achieve them every day.

Now…at the age of 15 I have very focussed goals and aim on representing Australia in the World Cup or at the Olympics in the future. I want to compete on the world stage for certain. It would be a dream come true!

I was lucky enough to also be supported by my family when they bought me my most recent and beautiful competition horse named Bvlgari.

We train together 5-6 days a week and in just under a year he has taken me from a Grade 2 rider to a competitive Grade 1 rider with PCAV. I also compete on the EA circuit, doing Ev105 and training 1*. Our aim is to go 1* in just a few more competitions.

With many wins State wide and competition titles to call ours including winning rider awards I am proud to say my latest achievement is to be accepted on the Victorian Eventing Squad with my beautiful horse and we Definitely have our sights set on many competitions and successes ahead !

Thank you to Jin Stirrup for providing me with the most beautiful, practical and comfortable riding gear ever !

With the support of my family, my coaches and Jin Stirrup I’m so excited about my riding future.